YOU Are Your Best Book Marketing Tool

by Debi Slinger

My first book was picked up by a large publishing house and I naively thought my book would be marketed and promoted widely. Instead, I was the one contacting newspapers, magazines and radio stations.

My second book, I self published. Firstly as an eBook through Smashwords and then a print version 2 months later.

My biggest tip for self publishers is to not wait until the book is in your hands. Start early. Build excitement on social media. Talk to family and friends. Press releases to media which includes questions they could ask and narrow down the subject matter well. For example, my books are fiction stories about a kid going through puberty - so put a spin in my press release around 'puberty starting earlier" or another press release on 'self publishing in 2012'.

Be authentic. Be passionate. Be YOU.

Good luck with your own journey. It's worth it.

Debi Slinger

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Great tips! NEW
by: Heather

Great advice, Deb! I’ve heard that publishing houses only promote books for their bestselling authors, and everyone else is left to fend for themselves. Your advice here would work great for self publishers, as well as authors who are published through a publishing house that isn’t marketing their work.

Start early! Love that advice! All of your suggestions are great, but that’s my favorite! It’s never too early to start marketing your book! I like to do pre-release press releases for my books, just letting people know that they are coming once I have an expected release date.

Thanks again for the reminder that promoting our work isn’t just for authors that self publish. Marketing just comes with the territory (until/unless you are on the New York Times best seller list… then it’s pretty much done for you). ;)

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