Twitter 101 for Newbies

by Carole Crosby
(Durban South africa)

Being a Newbie myself, I think I'm in a position to be able to give good newbie advice. I'm sure I've gone from Twitterless to Tw-OK, despite what my son (19) thinks!!

Here are some things I have found useful:

* Here are 6 free tools that are intended to make your Twitter life easier

* One of the above tools will give you a graph showing you the volume of traffic on Twitter during the day. Your time-zone is taken into account. So I would plan your tweets for peek tweet traffic.

* Vary your tweets e.g; info, humor, stats, re-tweets, quotes(these get retweeted often. Ensure that you don't promote your own products more than in about 10% of your tweets.

* Post 3 - 10 tweets per day but tweet regularly. If you tweet more, I am sure it will just annoy your followers. When I see certain profile pics who send many, many, I just pass them by and don't pay any attention to their tweets. I think one of the apps in the first item of this post shows you how to filter out annoying tweets.

* If you'd like others to see some hard work you've done that you're very proud of, by all means repeat these tweets. But mix them up. Don't repeat the same text each time.

* Group those you follow in "lists". Like a "news" list,a "celebrity" list, a "friends" list, a "tweeters who give dynamic info" list etc.

* Always have a photo or image on your profile and a description of who you are and what you do and what your specialty is.

* Don't protect your tweets as this will make it difficult for people to follow you. The "protect my tweets" is a default setting on your profile and you'll need to change the request. I didn't until someone kindly told me about it, so this is how I know.

* Please reply to your private messages. This will help to ensure you maintain genuine connections. I have sent a few private messages to some of my followers and I'm still waiting to hear from them!! I kid you not!! What are the chances of them noticing my public tweets if they don't even pay attention to my private tweets?

* Retweet regularly, use a lot of keywords in your tweets,use hashtags that are useful in your line of work. When others look into hashtags and see a tweet they like, you might get a new follower or followers.

I am still very new to Twitter but am learning all the time. I research social media and the publishing industry all day. I see a lot of interesting information on my daily Net trawls. If you would like to receive 10 new items, which would include info and useful URL's for Twitter each week, that I discover, please email me at with the subject line "weekly twitter tips".

By the way, I'm @mapforsuccess. This stands for "Market and Publish your way to success" - I obviously had to shorten this for Twitter.

My upcoming book's synopsis is on my site It will let you know about my near-fatal helicopter accident a while back and how I've recovered.

Twitter was very confusing to me at first, but now I find it to be one of my most valuable networking opportunities. And it's free! Learn more here.

And for more FREE social media tips, sign up for our free 10 day e-course, "Social Media in 15 Minutes Per Day."

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Thanks for sharing those 6 free tools!
by: Shelley Hitz

Thanks for sharing the link to the 6 free Twitter tools - a great list! I signed up for both Tweriod and TweetAlarm.

Tweriod shows me the hours of the day when my followers are online the most and TweetAlarm will let me know anytime someone tweets my name or my website name.

Great stuff..and free!

Thanks again for sharing,

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