Top Ten Blogs for Authors

What are the best blogs to follow as an author? Who can you trust? There is a lot of information on the internet about writing, publishing and marketing your book.

Here Are My Top Ten Blogs for Authors...
(in no particular order)

#1: Marketing Tips for Authors

by Tony Eldridge

Tony provides a ton of great information for authors and does so very generously. He has a free resource of the week, which I find very helpful and is known for his "Twitter Contests." I highly recommend following Tony's blog.

Marketing Tips for Authors Blog

#2: The Savvy Book Marketer

by Dana Lynn Smith

Dana's blog is a wealth of information for book marketing. She helps you keep up-to-date with the latest changes in social media and book marketing tactics. A great resource for all authors.

The Savvy Book Marketer Blog

#3: The Book Designer

by Joel Friedlander

Joel is a book designer, but also blogs on a variety of topics related to self publishing. His blog is an excellent resource with a wealth of information for authors. Go check it out...

The Book Designer Blog

#4: The Creative Penn

by Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is a well known author and blogger who shares what she's learned along her publishing journey. You'll find a lot of helpful information on her blog...

The Creative Penn Blog

#5: Self Publishing Resources

by Sue Collier

Sue provides great content on her blog, Self Publishing Resources. Lots of great articles, tutorials and more...

Self Publishing Resources Blog

#6: Book Market

by John Kremer

John is a wealth of book marketing information and it shows through his blog and website. On his website,, he offers a lot of free resources within his website and blog. I highly recommend following John's blog...

Book Market Blog

#7: BookBuzzr

by The BookBuzzr Team

BookBuzzr offers a unique (and free) book marketing technology to help you spread the word about your books. They also offer amazing book marketing tips on their blog as well as free webinars.

BookBuzzr Blog

#8: Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

by Penny Sansevieri

Penny is a book marketing expert and shares her expertise on her blog. Great stuff there! Go check it out...

Author Marketing Experts, Inc. Blog

#9: A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

By JA Konrath

JA Konrath is well known for his eBook publishing efforts and blogs about his journey. He has had great success selling his books on the Kindle. You can read more about him here...

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

#10: Indie Author

by April Hamilton

April shares a lot of great information about every aspect of the writing, publishing and book marketing journey from her personal experience. She's got a wealth of information to share...

Indie Author Blog

How about you? Which blogs are in your "top ten" that you follow regularly? Share your comments and suggestions below.

Comments for Top Ten Blogs for Authors

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Great list
by: MaAnna

What a great list! I follow several of these blogs already and delighted to find some new ones.

Thank you!
by: Sue Collier

Great list, Shelley! Thanks so much for including me. =)

Thank you!
by: Barbara Techel

Wonderful list, Shelley! Found some new ones I did not know about.

~Barbara Techel

A great list...
by: Shelley Hitz

MaAnna and Barbara - So glad you were able to find some new blogs to follow! The blogs in my Top Ten almost always have great content about writing, publishing and/or book marketing.

Sue - You're welcome! You all definitely deserve it. :)

In good company
by: Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Shelley - I am honored to be included on this list with book marketing experts that I admire and follow.

Great information
by: Christa Polkinhorn

Thanks, Shelley,
There are so many blogs out there and so much information that narrowing it down really helps!
Author of Love of a Stonemason

Thank you
by: Vikram

Thanks Shelley. We're delighted by this mention!

Top ten blogs for authors...
by: Shelley Hitz

You're welcome! I'm so glad you found the list helpful. :)

Vikram and Dana,
You are welcome! You ALL offer amazing content that is so helpful to authors, so thank you!

As Always, Good Info
by: Pastor Bobby

Thanks for this list Shelley. Fortunately I am familiar with most of these blogs. I was told by a very successful businessman and friend "use all of your knowledge and then use all of the knowledge of others that you can."

Here's another Blog for nonfiction authors
by: Barbara McNichol

Although my blog isn't as well-established as those you've selected, it's full of writing tips and items of interest to nonfiction authors. If you're among that group, I invite you to visit.

I plan to send my ezine subscribers to this list in my June issue of Add Power to Your Pen.

Thanks for this great newsletter.

Best, Barbara McNichol

Great to connect!
by: Barbara

Thanks for introducing yourself and your blog! I just connected with you on social media and look forward to getting to know you better!

Thanks again for stopping by...

I Agree With All of These!
by: Laura Pepper Wu

Great choices. I cannot stress enough how many each and everyone has helped me on my journey to navigating the Self Publishing world. Thank you all, and yourself Shelley!

You're welcome :)
by: Shelley Hitz

You're welcome and it's great to have connected with you! And yes, all of these blogs deserve the recognition. They all are a great help to self publishing authors. :)


All the best!
by: PeculiarBlend

There were many tips that were helpful. My personal best was tips about new writers, who needs a bit attention along with direction.

Thank you for your time!

Great list
by: Suzanne Semsch

Shelley, I found your site this a.m. by following Joel Friedlander's tweet. This is a wonderful list! I already follow three of them, including Joel. I love Createspace. They are publishing my second novel right now. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much
by: Joanna Penn

Thanks for the mention Shelley - I'm so glad you find the site useful and I follow all the other blogs as well :) It's quite the eco-system.
Have a good weekend, Joanna

You're welcome!
by: Shelley Hitz

Joanna, You're welcome! And you definitely deserve it. :)

Thanks for all you do for authors and all the information you freely share through your blog!

Another great blog for authors...
by: Judy Cullins

Hi Shelly,

Not sure of how to be voted in top 10 blogs for authors, but I will also offer my blog that has 170 blog articles for authors on writing, self-publishing and marketing. It's at

Great list by the way!

So much great free info on these blogs! NEW
by: Laura

All these blogs (including yours) offer excellent free resources for authors. Now, authors just need to find the time to read it all (and retain it)! Thanks for the round-up...

Nice Blogging Example NEW
by: Basharat Ali

It was really nice and good experience having smart and intelligently written article. My fellows at SEO Training in Lahore would love to read this.

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