Table of Relationship Building

by John Rakestraw

This is From My Master Writing Class Series!

Today I want to talk to you about relationship building.

The Relationship Life Cycle
The Tools of Relationship Marketing
The Relationship Marketing Plan

Construct a Relationship Marketing Plan, the Structure and the Content.

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Writers are wonderful at writing, putting all those words on the page. They put all their energy into creating those fictional worlds, developing how-to’s, what ifs and just getting it done. That in itself is a major task. I know you want a relationship with your readers.

How do we do that?

Marketing is hard.

Selling is scary.

but… talking to people about what we love to do is something we do every chance we get.

So, how about making marketing more about relationship building… just like sitting around talking, having tea, coffee, wine or a beer. No hard sell, just friends enjoying friends.

That is what I want to help you create… a nice cozy place for you to introduce yourself and your book to readers.

Now, I have done this with people on the internet… given them lots and lots of content. Wonderful content for FREE! Made a cozy place for them to come and get these beautifully written posts, articles and BlogTalkRadio shows. I thought they would buy my services and products just because they loved me.

But, they didn’t.


That is a good question…

I mean, I understand that content is king on the internet. With brick and mortar businesses, it’s location, location, location; on the internet it’s content, content and more content. I gave them that… I still do!

But, I forgot one little MAJOR thing… I never gave them a “call to action.” I forgot the most important rule in sales… asking them to buy. Helping these wonderful people to understand that I need them to do something for me… BUY!

Now, let’s not jump too far ahead in the marketing relationship here. You don’t want to say, “You ready to buy?”

We need to set the stage and give FREELY of ourselves.

Spend time wining and dining them. Making them want to be with you, listen to you and even trust you. That’s right, trust.

FREE marketing has been around for a long time. The hope of this marketing plan is that you are offering great unbelievable value to your readers, value that they are not getting anywhere else.

Most of us are not reinventing the wheel here. A lot of us are reinforcing our own knowledge by imparting it to others. If we can teach it and see others get results by doing the same thing, our life purpose has truth and value beyond us.

That is a fantastic gift for you and for your readers.

Relationship building marketing is a soft sale with a strong call to action. You take time and build upon each step of your campaign towards giving. Giving VALUE!

That is where the Table of Relationship comes into this picture.

What is a Table of Relationship Building?

Well, it’s not a kitchen table or a coffee table. It is an HTML coded table

Short and sweet here.

HTML is a markup language coding that makes webpages look pretty and easy to read. Before HTML, the internet was a bunch of computers connected by phone lines. You would call that computer and have BBSs, Bulletin Boards – which were simple forum type areas to leave info and connect with others. Now, this is a basic look at a very complex system. There was a lot more than just that. The early internet was text only. To make it funner and easier, we needed a system of browsers and a language coded to go with it.

The internet we know today was born. Running it all are computers still connected by phones and faster systems and powered by HTML code.

What is an HTML Table

An HTML Table is a big box with smaller boxes inside that helps you organize the info you want people to read. The big box is like a picture frame holding all the little boxes in place. You can put different text, graphics, sound, video or nothing in these little boxes. Each little box can have a different background or color. Before HTML tables, text, graphics and things like that on the internet would flow down vertically. Tables came along and gave us the option of placement on the webpage.

It‘s like a bunch of secret code that tells it to make things bold or italicized, where graphics can be found and displayed, colors, shapes and sizes.

The magic of the browser makes it all look wonderful and make sense when we view it.

Why we use HTML tables.

Tables give us the option to display the info on our blogs and webpages. We can organize the look and feel of your viewer experience. Direct them towards what we want them to do. The webpage becomes a canvas upon which we can create. The ability to be interactive with our readers is what makes the internet such a great media.

Tour of the table.

As I mentioned before, tables are a big box with little boxes inside. If you have the understanding of HTML, you can code this table by hand; if not, then use a program that does HTML for you. I like Adobe Dreamweaver.

This table I made here for this relationship building is simple and easy for anyone to use. Let me walk you through it.

Going through all the cells

As you know, it was 3 X 3 cells or 9 cells altogether. The top 3 cells were merged together into one large cell. In that new, larger cell, is where you will place your logo, title of your book, and maybe your name. Something that will speak of you, your service, or your book.

A video is one of the greatest ways to capture people right away. The next row of 3 cells will be merged into two different cells. The first 2 cells in from the right will be merged together, making them one cell. You will place your video or movie in this new cell. Your video could be you talking about your book, or maybe a book trailer. Whatever it is, make it good. Give them your best stuff right up front. Now, here is the kicker for you, offer them even more great content. Teach them something that they won’t find easily anywhere else. Give them VALUE!

Now, the last row of 3 cells will be merged just like the row before it. In this new merged cell is where you put your FREE gift, some special offer, links to a free radio show, a FREE short story you wrote or interview you have done. Give them more great content by connecting them to your blog. Once again, make sure what you are giving them furthers the relationship. That when they are done with this FREE content, it leads them back to the main relationship builder… the call to action!

The goal. The call to action! This is where you have been leading people to all through your video and free content. This is the ultimate cell. Right now, it is still 2 cells that need to be merged into one. Once you’ve done that, you need to sweeten the pot. Explain why your readers need to sign up. This cell is where they will find the opt-in form or the BUY button. The place where they put their name and email address.

If you want a newsletter, they can help you. You DO want a newsletter… you NEED a newsletter… start a newsletter! Have it go out every month or every week. The newsletter is a great way to build your relationship. You give them more great content and they will love you for it.

Your newsletter can be your book put out into chapter form each week or once a month. Maybe you are good at reading your book out loud, if you have the voice for it or know someone who would do that for you, for a fee, of course. Then your newsletter could become an audio book, which, when completed, you could sell as a great audio book. There is no limit to the possibility of your creativity for this newsletter. Let yourself dream.

Building That Relationship Takes Time and Trust.

We need to remember that relationships take time to grow and with that growth comes trust. It’s rare that people just hit it off right out of the box. Most of us have to take time to build that lifelong friendship. Don’t grab each and every one who signs up and smother them too much. Give them breathing room and resting time. Don’t send email after email trying to get them to like you. When they say content is king… that means good, timely, relevant content. Sit down and think out your campaign for relationship building. Map out the whole next three months. Start out simple.

Here, I have walked you through the whole Table of Relationship Building:

The Relationship Life Cycle
The Tools of Relationship Marketing
The Relationship Marketing Plan
You now know how to construct a Relationship Marketing Plan, the Structure and the Content

Now, all you need to do is start… go to the Table of Relationship Building by clicking on the link below:

I'm John Rakestraw and I found My Passion While Asking Someone Else About Theirs!

Through my popular internet talk show, "THE PLATFORM!", which can be heard at I engages the skill and expertise of the craft of writing from the masters themselves… the authors! Their experience from conceiving the story to getting it written, to editing, publishing and marketing is my grand mission to shed light upon the magic of it all to my loyal listeners each week.

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Thanks for sharing! NEW
by: Shelley Hitz

I agree that relationship building is key for authors. The very basics of any marketing is relationships. It takes time and effort to do book marketing, but I believe success is achievable for anyone - even when on a shoestring budget. That's why I started my series, "Book Marketing on a Shoestring Budget" where I teach authors how to market their books online and through social media. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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