Self Publishing Costs

Cost of Self Publishing

What are the self publishing costs for a book? The costs can vary, but I have been able to publish my books with no upfront costs. Find our more in my article below about the cost of self publishing.

self publishing costs If you are anything like me, you want to know the easiest and most cost effective way to publish your book. As I began researching different self publishing companies, I realized that there were several options I could choose from that ranged anywhere from no upfront costs to thousands of dollars.

Wow! I knew I didn't have thousands of dollars in the bank to spend on publishing my book, but I quickly found out it was possible to get published with no upfront costs with the fairly new technology of print on demand publishers!

As I discuss in my article about self publishing, you can choose from the traditional self publishing companies or print on demand self publishing companies. Typically the print on demand self publishing will be cheaper, especially if you do most everything yourself, like I did. However, if do you have the money to spend, it will be worthwhile to research the traditonal self publishing options to see which is right for you. If you aren't sure which option you'd like to choose, read more here: About Self Publishing

How Much Will I Spend on Self Publishing Costs?

Most self publishing companies use the Lightning Source to print and ship their books. Generally, this will cost around $0.015 per page and $0.90 per standard paperback cover. Knowing this tidbit of information, the base cost of printing a book, is very valuable and will help you in deciding which self publishing company to use. For a 190 page book, the base printing cost would equal about $3.75.

Therefore, if the production costs for a 190 page book are around $3.75-$4.30 (15% markup) you know you're getting a fair deal. Watch out for publishing companies that mark up their "production costs" with hidden fees.

So far, I have found Createspace to be the most affordable.

They use their own printers and I have been satisfied with the quality of the printing. If you want to know they type of quality printing you will get from a self publishing company, simply order one of their current books and see for yourself.

Let me use my first book as an example. I use the company, Createspace to publish my books. They are owned by and are a print on demand company, which simply means that as copies of my book are ordered, they are printed. Therefore, there is no inventory which then means lower costs for everyone.

My first book I published in 2008, 190 pages softcover...

Item Cost
I wrote, edited and designed the book template in Microsoft Word = $0
I designed the bookcover in Adobe Photoshop myself = $0
I uploaded and submitted my files to Createspace myself = $0
Createspace gave me an ISBN number for free = $0
I ordered a proof copy of my book $3.13 plus shipping
Createspace listed my book in for free = $0
Createspace gave me a webpage to sell my book for free = $0

What Was the Total of My Self Publishing Costs??

It was simply my time + the cost of ordering my first proof copy at my discounted cost of $3.13 which is even less than the typical printing cost of $3.75. Overall, with shipping included, my cost equaled less than $7 total. Now that's a deal!!

And, on top of that, I could have sold my proof copy at retail price to actually come out ahead.

I know what some of you are probably realize that your time is valuable. And it is! For some of you, it will be easier to hire someone to design your book template and your book cover, edit your book or upload your files to Createspace. However, if you are willing to learn, you can realistically self publish your book with no upfront costs!! Are you ready to get started??

Get started by signing up for your free Createspace account today.

Self publish your book with no upfront costs!

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