My tips for authors who have only 15 minutes per day to spend on Twitter:

by Dr. Andrea Schober |

Here are my tips for authors who have only 15 minutes per day to spend on Twitter:

  • Try to welcome a new follower in a personal way (-> don't use impersonal auto-DM)

  • Tweet useful, interesting or entertaining information (share free excerpts, interviews, podcasts...)

  • Use #tags

  • Keep on finding important persons in your niche (e.g. bloggers) and keep on creating relationships

  • Last but not least: Use Twitter clients for easy management such as TweetDeck

On, we give online marketing tips and inspirations for authors on how to market their work. For example: how to increase your visibility on the web, how to promote your titles and to develop relationships with potential readers, key influencers and other authors. We focus on easy, free and effective online marketing ideas. (Note: This section will be continuously updated.)

I believe Twitter is an essential part of every author's book marketing efforts. And it's free! Twitter 101 for Authors

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It's about starting a conversation
by: Shelley Hitz

I like how you bring out the importance of it being a conversation. In the beginning, I used to use social media as a monologue instead of a dialogue.

If you only have 15 minutes, then as Andrea suggests, target the key people/bloggers in your niche and create a list. I like to create Twitter lists to track the key people in my areas. Then, choose 2-3 people to start a conversation with or reply to one of their posts.

Thanks again for sharing, Andrea!

Continuing the conversation
by: Andrea Schober

My pleasure! Thanks for your great website, Shelley.

Best from Germany


Your advice is excellent, but...
by: Claude Nougat

I'd like to add one more idea to your excellent advice. Those limited 15 minutes per day to spend on Twitter could actually be spent on reading articles that you find interesting on all sorts of websites, ranging from writers' blogs to news platforms like for example The Economist, then re-tweeting them. But not retweet as is! No, I always try to retweet adding my own comment, preferably something provocative...

Still, I have to admit it's hard to get a response - I guess there are SO MANY tweets out there, that your tweets get lost even when you remember to use a hashtag!

Claude Nougat
Blog: It's Political, it's Artsy (just google my name and you'll get there!)

Another great tip!
by: Shelley Hitz

You mention another great tip...not just retweeting a post as is, but adding your comment, opinion, etc. with it. I know when someone retweets my messages, if they add a comment to it, I take notice. So, another excellent idea.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share this tip with us!


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