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The history of blogs started in 17 December 1997. John Barger created the term "weblog". Weblog is the simple process of logging on the web. Peter Merholz jokingly broke the word into we and blog. Weblog became "we blog".

Other people on the web began to use the term as well. The term represents both the act of writing something on the Internet and the software used to do it. took the popularity of the word to an entirely new level. Millions people blog each day on the Internet.

8 Tidbits To Help Explain Blogging Basics and the History of Blogs:

Blogging Basics #1: A blog is a piece of software.

A blog is a simple piece of software. Explaining blogging involves both talking about the actual piece of software and about the act of writing on your blog. They are 2 entirely different pieces of the puzzle. They are both important and they influence each other.

Blogging Basics #2: Anyone can have one.

At the beginning of the history of blogs, only the early Internet geeks were able to own one. It was a privilege. Only they knew how to explain blogging. Now, everyone can own a blog. And now people can get one for free and fast.

Blogging Basics #3: It's either free or paid.

There are 2 ways to get the blogging software for free. You can start a free blog on a popular network like or Or you can download a free software like Wordpress and install it on your own host. You can also find out paid alternatives for both ways of blogging. Compare 5 of the best blogging software platforms.

Blogging Basics #4: Owning a popular blog can generate some income for you.

You can literally spend a couple of hours each week to write a great post. People all over the Internet can then find your blog. If it's great stuff, they will share it with their friends. And typically, as you increase blog traffic, your income increases as well.

Blogging Basics #5: People will give you authority.

Have a point of view and some people will share your opinion. Some will love you and others will hate you. And this should be fine. You can not please every person out there. To please everybody is a recipe for disaster. It's not sustainable and you shouldn't do it.

Blogging Basics #6: It is highly recommended for any expert to have a blog or website.

If you don't get in front of your possible customers, no one will buy your products and services. Owning a blog or website is a fast way to accomplish this. I could explain blogging to you for days. But if you don't do something with the information, nothing will happen. As Einstein put it: "Nothing happens until something moves."

Blogging Basics #7: Share with others your experiences.

In this article I am explaining blogging basics by sharing with you what I know about blogging and about the history of blogs. You can do the same thing for your business. Share with other people your knowledge. Share what you know. They will learn from you and they will come for more. Soon, you will increase the number of visitors who visit your website. And you will be able to increase your influence, personal power and earning ability on the Internet.

Blogging Basics #8: It's the perfect way to market your book and products.

Sharing and teaching is the perfect stealth way to market your book and other products. People don't know they are persuaded because they get some of the goods upfront. The more time they spend reading what you put out, the more likely they are to either buy something from you or to recommend your website to their friends.

The history of blogs came from humble beginnings. And now you can not explain blogging without mentioning the hundreds of millions of blogs out there. Most people out there started a couple of blogs.

Start your own blog or website. It's one of the best ways to get the word out about your business, your book and products and increase your income.

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