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Check out this list of 11 Free Email Marketing Software and Tools we compiled for you.

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  1. MailChimp (http://www.mailchimp.com) - The unique thing about mailchimp free email marketing is their professionally designed email newsletters (http://www.mailchimp.com/features/designer-templates/. A never expiring trial co mes with the ability to store up to 2,000 subscribers, for free! You can also send up to 12,000 emails per month. I haven't personally used MailChimp but have heard several people who use it and are very happy with it. For my newsletter list I use Mailout Manager, which comes free with my SBI webhosting.

  2. Thunderbird (http://www.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/thunderbird/) - "Free for Life" email application. It is much more powerful than outlook. With the help of thousands of add-ons and themes available for Thunderbird, you can customize thunderbird as how you need it. All free add-ons available for Thunderbird can be found here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/.

  3. Mad Mimi (http://madmimi.com) - Look great with less cluttered email newsletter layouts which you can design with few clicks at Mad mimi free email marketing tool. Totally free plan comes with 100 contacts.

  4. Newsberry (http://newsberry.com) - Free email marketing plan comes with 100 subscribers and have full features included such as Unlimited sending, free image hosting and analytics reports etc. On the paid plan they have based on number of subscribers, maximum charge is $185 for up to 50,000 subscribers.

  5. MailBrowser (http://mailbrowser.com) - What if you had approx. 5200 emails and more than 3800 contacts in your Gmail? Can you imagine how difficult it would be to manage all these massive email and contacts management? It is very difficult! However, there is a solution: Mailbrowser.com. This is a free Gmail plug-in that helps you to manage all your contacts and attachments in a sophisticated and an easy way.

  6. Integrated Gmail (http://integratedgmail.com/) - I love this tool. I can now integrate my Google calendar, Google Voice account, Google RSS Reader and Gmail accounts into one easy to access interface. This simple tool has saved me a lot of time and de-cluttered my online life :) I especially like placing my calendar at the top of the list, that way if someone asks me if I'm free for a speaking engagement or a phone interview in an e-mail I can easily click over to my calendar and check.

  7. Relenta (http://www.relenta.com) - Email, Contacts, Activities Files and Email marketing all in one place at Relenta. "Free Forever" version of Relenta comes with limitations of 2 users, 100 contacts, 100 MB Storage and 1 department.

  8. OtherInbox (http://www.otherinbox.com) - Organizer (other name of OtherInbox) is like your secretary who takes care of your inbox. It is a smart application which can make your life easy especially when you are receiving hundreds of emails on a daily basis. OtherInbox is available for free on Gmail and Yahoo Email platform. It is easy to install and use. Nice and simple design!

  9. Nubli (http://nubli.com) - It is an intelligent Outlook add-in that automatically analyzes your emails and helps you become more productive by bringing important emails and contacts into focus. I have recently been using the priority inbox with Gmail and have been pleased with it so far.

  10. SpyPig (http://www.spypig.com/) - How do you find out whether your email had been read by recipient? If you don't have a clue, go and check SpyPig. It is a simple and efficient email tracking system that sends you a notification by email when recipient opens your message. It works with virtually all modern email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

  11. Aweber (http://www.aweber.com/) - Aweber is very popular among online marketers community and is one of the tools I use. Due to ease of use, excellent features and ease in integration with large blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Aweber is a great email marketing solution. However, it's not free. You can sign up 1 month account at $1 to try it out. For my basic autoresponders and forms, I use Form Build It! which comes free with my SBI webhosting.

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