Do Kindle eBooks Need ISBN Numbers (as well as other eBooks)?

As far as eBooks, does my Kindle ebook need its own ISBN? What about Nook and other types of ebooks?

I would love to better understand how you go about getting an ISBN for an ebook as well. Is it the same process as for regular books? If you know of a good source or if you have an article on this let me know.

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ISBN Numbers for eBooks...
by: Shelley Hitz

You can purchase a separate ISBN for each eBook version, but as far as I know, one is not needed for the Kindle. However, you will need one for the iBookstore and Sony. If you use Smashwords, here is their explanation:

If you want to buy an ISBN for your ebooks, you will need to buy a unique number for that digital edition. You can purchase ISBNs through If you use Smashwords, you can purchase an ISBN for $9.95 and you can choose to have it deducted from future sales.

Amazon has great customer service, so if you need more information about the Kindle - just contact them!

Also, if you need help with formatting your Kindle eBook, check out my template at:

Everything about ISBNs and e-publishing NEW
by: Saul Bottcher

You don't need an ISBN for a Kindle book. If you don't have one, Amazon will assign an "ASIN", which is their own internal identification number.

For other distributors, the answer varies. For example, Apple's iBooks requires an ISBN for your book, but Barnes & Nobles PubIt! does not.

If you publish the same file through multiple distributors, you only need one ISBN for that file. For example, if you publish an EPUB edition of your book on five websites, you only need one ISBN for the EPUB edition.

However, if you publish your book in multiple file formats, each of those formats needs its own ISBN. For example, if you publish an EPUB edition and a PDF edition, they each need their own ISBN.

E-books that you distribute for free generally don't need an ISBN.

Hope this helps!

For answers to plenty of other ISBN/e-publishing questions, you might want to check this article that I wrote:

It covers some other questions like "does an ISBN protect my book?" and "can I register an ISBN in another country to save money?".


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