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I'm really excited for today's interview with Dana Lynn Smith. Dana is a book marketing coach and author of The Savvy Book Marketer Guides. Drawing on her 16 years of publishing experience and degree in marketing, she specializes in developing marketing plans for nonfiction books and helping authors learn how to promote their books online.

I personally follow and highly recommend Dana's blog for authors, The Savvy Book Marketer Blog and know that you will learn a lot from Dana.

1. Dana, thank you for joining us today. I'm so excited that you are willing to take the time to share your expertise with us: book marketing. To start out, would you share briefly about yourself, your business, your blog and your books?

As a book marketing coach, I help authors and indie publishers learn how to sell more books through my how-to guides, private coaching, blog, and newsletter. Soon I will be starting a podcast and webinar series. My book marketing guides provide detailed step-by-step instructions to help authors master book promotion techniques. In my coaching business I help authors develop and implement their book marketing plans.

2. Wow . . . you have over 26 years of marketing experience as well as 16 years of publishing experience. Your title of "Savvy Book Marketer" definitely comes honestly! What would you say sets you apart from other book marketers?

Before starting my business, I worked for a business book publisher for 13 years and I learned a great deal about the publishing industry. I have a degree in marketing, but the public Internet did not yet exist when I was in business school, so I have spent a lot of time the past few years studying online marketing.

3. You offer a wealth of information and resources on your website . . . and I am impressed that you offer most of them for free. It can be overwhelming to authors to tackle this topic of book marketing, so which five articles from your website will give the "biggest bang for the buck?"

Yes, it can be overwhelming because there are so many ways to promote books, and many authors don't have a background in marketing. I think it's really important to learn about book marketing and develop a written marketing plan, rather than just making it up as you go along. Here are some articles that I consider must-reads:

  1. Who Should You Be Marketing Your Book To?

  2. Building Your Author Platform

  3. 6 Secrets to Writing a Killer Author Bio (guest post by Roni Loren)

  4. How to Create an Online Media Kit

  5. The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Networking

4. I noticed that you are not only from Texas, but a fifth generation Texan at that! Can you tell us a little about your life?

My husband and I live on a small ranch near Austin and raise cattle. We also have some ducks, donkeys, dogs and a cat. Travel and writing are my passions, and I do some travel writing for when I can find the time. I have been to Europe a dozen times and traveled all over Texas. We have a travel trailer and are on a mission to visit all of the Texas state parks - 36 so far. "Someday" when we retire, I hope to visit all the national parks.

5. There are a million and one ways to market a book these days:, virtual blog tours, social media (facebook, twitter, etc.), blogs/websites, podcasts and the list goes on and on. Would you be willing to share one book marketing technique that skyrocketed your book sales this past year?

dana lynn smith book image

For nonfiction authors, I think that networking and cross-promoting with your peers is one of the most important things you can do. I am indebted to all of the publishing and marketing experts who have contributed to my blog, hosted my virtual book tours and guest posts, hosted me on teleseminars and podcasts, and re-tweeted my messages, and I am happy to return the favor. It's a win-win situation when we all support each other, and our subscribers and followers benefit as well.

One of my favorite projects recently is a collaborative ebook I published, featuring articles from dozens of publishing and marketing experts. You can get a free copy of Savvy Book Marketing Secrets: 52 Experts Share Insider Tips for Selling More Books at

6. I know you are a very busy person, so thank you again for taking the time to join us today, Dana! For the last question, can you let our readers know how they can stay in touch with you for more great book marketing tips?

Thanks so much Shelley. Your readers can connect with me here:

I'm thankful to Dana for taking the time to share her expertise with us today. Definitely check out her blog or connect with her on social media. She has a lot of great book marketing information for authors!

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