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How to Get Published with No Upfront Costs and
Publish Your Book on Within One Week

Createspace self publishing, a company of, is what I've used to publish all my books. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to self publish. Some of you may also be familiar with BookSurge. Well, BookSurge has merged with Createspace and is now using their platform.

Why I Use Createspace for Self Publishing:

createspace publishing

When I decided to self publish my first book, I researched many options. I didn't have a huge budget (or any budget, really) and so I was looking for the best quality publishing for the lowest price. And what I found shocked me.

Through Createspace, you can:

  • Publish your book with no upfront costs (if you do everything yourself, like I did).

  • Open an account for free - no hidden costs.

  • Add a new book title to your projects and fill in all the book information yourself, which gives you complete control.

  • Upload your PDF interior (book template) and exterior files (book cover) by the click of a button.

  • Get an ISBN number and barcode for free. However you can buy your own if you want, it's up to you.

  • Use their free cover creator software to create professionally looking covers (although I still recommend getting a professional book cover designed if your budget allows.

  • Quick turn around allows you to publish your books fast. I have published my books from start to finish in as little as one week!

  • No revision fees.

  • Set up your own personalized store front at Createspace for free to sell your books online.

  • Set the selling price of your book.

  • Sell your books 24/7 (literally, while you sleep) and Creatspace handles all the order processing and shipping for you!

  • Choose direct deposit or a mailed check of your monthly royalties from online sales. I like direct deposit because I get instant access to my earnings.

  • Get paid your royalties once your sales reach greater than $20 (direct deposit), $28 (check) and $45 (wire transfer). I end up getting paid just about every month!

  • Order books at your cost to sell in person and ship them to your home, all at cost price! In fact, I haven't found a cheaper price anywhere. If you have, please let me know. If you order a lot of your books to sell at events like I do, the price is definitely right.

  • Upgrade to the expanded distribution for only $25. This will get your book published on Barnes and Noble website and others.

  • Set up special discount codes for certain sales or groups.

  • Have your book listed on for free.

  • Sell your books on - these orders are eligible for super saver shipping (with $25 minimum purchase, restrictions apply), one-day shipping and 1-click ordering.

  • And much more!

The Down Side to Createspace?

Every really good thing still has some negatives. Let me share a few about Createspace with you.

  • To sell with Createspace, you need a US Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Therefore, if you live overseas, this step may delay your publishing date.

  • If you're looking to print a hardcover book, you will need to look elsewhere. Currently Createspace only prints softcover books.

  • If you want a very small booklet or a full color book, the cost might be better with other publishers. Shop around first.

  • And finally, keep in mind that Createspace is a Print on Demand publisher and may not be the right fit for you. You may want to start your own publishing company instead or take the time to apply to a traditional publishing company.

However, if you want a quick, easy and cost-effective way to get published - go for Createspace. In fact, you don't even have to pay any upfront costs!

You can check out a layout of my self publishing costs using Createspace. Believe it or now, my total cost was less than $7!! And that was simply the cost of ordering my first proof copy.

However, if you don't want to design your self publishing book template and book cover yourself, then you'll have to pay more money upfront. Also, if you'd like someone else to upload your files and configure your online account, that will cost you an additional fee.

But, if you are willing to learn and do it yourself, you can literally get published within a week.

Createspace Tutorial - Self Publishing Books on in Less than 7 Days!

Timeline for Createspace Self Publishing

I have found through my experience, that it can take as little as one week to self publish a book through Createspace. So, if your book is already written, you could be making money by selling your book in person, online at your own webpage and at by next week.

Here is how the timeline usually works.

  • Day 1: Create your account and upload your files.

  • Day 2: Wait for Createspace to approve your files. Make any necessary changes, if needed, and re-upload your files. (Note: If you re-upload your files, you start the process over at day one. So follow their guidelines from the beginning to avoid any delays.) Once your files are approved, order your proof copy.

  • Day 5: Your proof copy comes in the mail. This is a great feeling to see your book in print form for the first time! Celebrate and enjoy the moment :) Then, examine your proof copy and if satisfied approve your proof copy. (Note: Shipping time will vary depending on your shipping address.)

    Congratulations! Your book is now ready to start selling on your Createspace webpage.

  • Day 7-14: Your book will now be visible and ready to sell on with search inside features. This step varies. Sometimes it is live within a few days, sometimes it takes up to one week to be live on

  • Congratuations: It's now time to start marketing your book and selling copies!

Get started by signing up for your free Createspace account today.

Self publish your book with no upfront costs!

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